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App Store Applications

Do you have the next big idea for an app? We can make it happen for you. We have different pricing options depending on your budget. Don’t wait for your app to be thought of by someone else!

iPad Development

The iPad is almost as popular as the iPhone. A lot of the the time we suggest making your application compatible with the iPhone and iPad. Its called a “Universal” application. The creation of a universal app can range in difficulty, but most of the time we just have to simply lay out the screens differently and tie them into the correct functions.

Analysis & Architecture

The Most important part about building an application is a proper analysis of what is needed and then being very clear to the client what kind of architecture will be required. Apps can range from simple to complex depending on what is trying to be accomplished.

Design & Development

When we design applications we take a lot into consideration including who the target audience will be, what the goal of the application is, what category the app falls under, etc. In every case we strive to make our apps as user friendly and pleasing to the eye as possible. The development process is very detail oriented and follows set protocols. We like to keep our client up to date on milestones and possible hurdles. There isn’t an app that we cannot finish.

Ongoing Innovation

We are constantly on top of new and emerging technologies. We have the ability to integrate with some of the biggest application on the market including Dropbox, BUMP, Box, cloud OCR, etc. We strive to be ahead of our competitors so that our clients can have the edge.

Get in Touch!

Send us a quick email with any questions that you have. We would be glad to go over your development needs and give you a quote free of charge. Go to the contact page.