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    iBrainstormer is a great Mind Mapping tool with awesome features at an attractive price! Brainstorm, To-do Lists, Spider Graphs, you name it! One of the only mind mapping tools that allows printing and the addition of pictures. Just double click to make a Node! Easy to use help feature! Ask questions, view tutorials, FAQ, etc. Dropbox, BUMP!, Printing, PDF, Email, and Pictures!

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  • kidvidicon


    Do you have a nice collection of videos on your iPad/iPhone that you like to use to keep your little one occupied? Are they constantly fast forwarding, rewinding, stoping, or exiting the video? Think of this app like a Toddler/Baby proof version of the Apple Video App. You can access all of your videos (non-DRM) in your entire iPod library. Once you click a video you will notice just ONE button at the top right hand corner. Just hold it and let the counter count down to zero!

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  • agco

    AGCO Dealer Locator

    AGCO Dealer Locator is an application I made for an international company named AGCO. It integrates with Sybase and the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP). The application allows for a customer to find dealers nearby or near a searched location. They can then call, email, get directions, view hours, etc.

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  • agco

    AGCO Inventory

    AGCO Inventory is an application built for an international business that would allow the dealer owners to lookup inventory at nearby dealers on the fly to get parts or to refer customers and increase sales.

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  • eiinformant

    EI Informant

    EI Informant was an in house application I built that allowed an IT company to see all the stats across there client base including SLA's, Call answer times, Tickets, etc.

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    QikShare lets you bump™ your dropbox™ files to other qikshare users. Yes, you can literally bump your phones/iPads together to share and upload files to dropbox between each other.

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