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Iphone 5s fingerprint issues

I put restrictions on the age rating for apps in the App Store since my kids use my phone a lot. When those restrictions are on the App Store stops asking for the touch id (fingerprint). This feature does not make sense. I should still be able to use the fingerprint scanner for the apps that I allow to be […]

QikShare Reviewed on iPhoneFootPrint.com


QikShare Reviewed on Youtube

QikShare iOS app on the Market!

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qikshare/id552608723?ls=1&mt=8 QikShare allows you to quickly share your dropbox files with other users by bumping phones.

iBrainstormer Vids.

iBrainstormer Reviewed by The Daily App Show!

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QikShare. Coming to an AppStore near you!

iBrainstormer tweeted by The Daily App Show!

NEW!: iBrainstormer 1.0 – Easy-To-Use Project Based Mind Mapping Application http://t.co/tmYcn4Bn — The DailyAppShow (@dailyappshow) July 28, 2012

iBrainstormer Reviewed In Germany!